BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix string parsingTom Harley8 weeks
trh/submissionAdd support for "case" statementsTom Harley5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorLines
2022-02-09Add support for "case" statementsHEADtrh/submissionTom Harley-14/+89
2022-01-27Add support for "let" statementsTom Harley-1/+49
2020-01-25Committed version of codebaseTom Harley-56/+621
2020-01-12Add some LLVM attributes to functionsTom Harley-12/+67
2020-01-11Make tail recursion mod cons toggleableTom Harley-42/+70
2020-01-11Rename compiler to sincTom Harley-22/+22
2020-01-11Tidying upTom Harley-555/+62
2020-01-11Added int width specifiersTom Harley-5973/+161
2020-01-08Add option to enable/disable boxingTom Harley-50/+181
2020-01-08I should commit moreTom Harley-231/+1303