SDL2_vnc: A companion library to SDL for working with VNC servers

This library should be useful to anyone who wnats to display VNC connection output in a project using SDL2.

The codebase also includes a barebones VNC client, vncc, that acts as a reference use of the library.

Building SDL2_vnc

SDL2_vnc depends on SDL2, and so needs its headers available during building.

$ make
$ make install

Individual targets are declared in the Makefile. For example, to only build SDL2_vnc as a shared library:

$ make SDL2_vnc.so

Using SDL2_vnc

Be sure to initialise the library using VNC_Init before using any of its functionality.

To get a VNC connection to a server up and running: - allocate a VNC_Connection; - initialise it using VNC_InitConnection. From there, the surface containing the framebuffer data can be accessed at vnc_connection.surface.

See vncc.c for a more thorough example use of the library.


Issues can be raised in the GitLab project’s issues. Alternatively, feel free to contact me at .