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# Tenzo Coding Challenge

Congratulations on making it to the first part of the Tenzo Interview process!

The base file for this exercise is in Python 3 -- if you wish to change to a
language of your choice, that is completely fine. Just remember to add
instructions for how to run your solution.

We want to understand the most and least profitable hour of the day for a given restaurant when looking at labour cost. You'll have two csvs, one describing the shifts, and one describing the hourly sales.

## Labour Data

A shift will include the pay-rate (per hour), the start and end time, and a text field where the manager will enter break info. This may vary depending on the individual manager.

For example:
    'break_notes': '15-18',
    'start_time': '10:00',
    'end_time': '23:00',
    'pay_rate': 10.0

The data given shows a shift started at 10AM and ended at 11PM. However, the break_notes "15-18" indicates that the staff member took a 3 hour break in the middle of the day (when they would not be paid). The employee was paid £10 per hour.

## Sales Data

This shows you a set of transactions:

For example
          'time' : '10:31,
          'amount' : 50.32

We are hoping that you can compute different metrics for the different hours,
such as the total sales during this hour, the cost of labour for this hour, and
the cost of labour as percentage of sales.

Hour	Sales	Labour	%
7:00	100	    30	    30%
8:00	300	    60	    20%

## Best and Worst Hours

Lastly, we are hoping that you can output which hour was the best and worst in terms of labour cost as a percentage of sales. If the sales are null, then return -cost instead of percentage. (e.g -40).

## Submission Instructions

- The `EmptySolution.py` file contains some functions, where the output is well defined. This will be used for our tests, so be sure to output right answers (it is not that hard to compute the result by hand, and compare it to the output of your program) in the right format;
- If you need to create other functions, you're free to do so, just keep in mind that the functions that are already defined need to work;
- For the sake of testing, do not print any alert messages or anything to stdout;
- Please write your name at the top and the bottom of your solution;
- Submit a **single file** containing your solution and use `YOUR_NAME_solution.py` format (e.g. `john_doe_solution.py`).