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+# `centre` - A General Solitaire Solver that Respects Hidden Information
+`centre` has been developed to showcase the abilities of `metasol`: an API for
+wrapping thoughtful solvers (ones that look at face-down cards) to create
+solvers that do not require any hidden information. The thoughtful solver used
+by `centre` is _Solvitaire_, which can solve many different solitaire variants,
+and as such `centre` is also highly flexible.
+## Getting `centre` onto Your System
+### Dependencies
+`centre` contains all of its dependencies, however _Solvitaire_ requires the C++
+Boost libraries installed on the system.
+`centre`'s dependencies can be built by running `make init-submodules`.
+### Building
+Building should be as simple as running `make`.
+## Usage
+The most basic usage of `centre` is to run it like so:
+centre rules/klondike
+This will run a randomly-generated game of _Klondike_ solitaire. Options can be
+passed after the rule file is specified - the list of possible options is
+viewable using `centre --help`.
+### Rule Files
+The rule files accepted by `centre` are simple JSON files that accept the
+following options:
+|Option | Meaning|
+|`tableau size` | The number of piles in the tableau.|
+|`deck count` | The number of decks used.|
+|`max rank` | The highest rank of card used in the game. The usual is 13 (up to kings).|
+|`hole present` | Whether or not a hole is featured.|
+|`hole build loops` | Whether or not aces can be placed on kings in the hole, and vice versa.|
+|`foundations present` | Whether or not foundations are featured. The number of foundations, if enabled, is always equal to `4 * deck count`.|
+|`foundations removable` | Once a card has been placed in the foundations, whether or not it can be moved again.|
+|`foundations accept only complete piles` | Whether or not complete piles are the only way to move cards to the foundations.|
+|`diagonal deal` | Whether or not a diagonal deal (i.e. the deal used in _Klondike_) is used when laying out the tableau.|
+|`number of cells` | The number of cells used in the game.|
+|`cells pre-filled` | The number of cells that start play containing a card.|
+|`cards in stock` | The number of cards in the stock at the start of play.|
+|`stock deal count` | The number of cards removed from the stock when dealing from it.|
+|`stock redeal` | Whether or not the stock can be reused once it has been entirely dealt.|
+|`cards in reserve`| The number of cards placed in the reserve.|
+|`reserve stacked`| Whether or not the reserve is treated as a pile.|
+|`cards in sequence`| The number of cards in the sequence.|
+|`sequence fixed suit`| Whether or not a sequence uses a specific suit.|
+|`accordion size`| The number of cards in the accordion.|
+|`build policy`| The rule governing the movement of single cards across tableau piles.|
+|`spaces policy`| The rule governing the movement of single cards into empty tableau piles.|
+|`move built group`| The conditions for moving a group of cards.|
+|`group build policy`| The rule governing the movement of a group of cards across tableau piles.|
+|`foundations initialised`| Which foundations, if any, start play containing a card.|
+|`stock deal type`| Where cards from the stock go.|
+|`face up cards`| What cards are face-up when play begins.|
+|`sequence direction`| The direction in which cards are placed on the sequence.|
+|`sequence build policy`| The rule governing how cards are moved within the sequence.|
+|`accordion moves`| An array of legal accordion moves.|
+|`accordion policies`| An array of policies for the above moves.|
+### Settings
+Some settings can be passed to `centre` via the command line. Additionally,
+settings can be specified in a JSON file.
+|Name in File | Name on CLI | Meaning |
+|`max concurrent threads` | | The maximum number of threads `centre` will have working at once.|
+|`max concurrent games` | | The maximum number of games `centre` will try to run in parallel.|
+|`solveseed`|`--solveseed`|The seed used by `centre` when making decisions.|
+| |`--dealseed`| The seed used by `centre` when generating a game-state.|
+|`run forever` | `--forever` | Runs `centre` indefinitely, on as many deals as possible.|
+|`run timeout` | `--limittime` | The maximum time a _Solvitaire_ instance may run.|
+|`run node limit` | `--limitnodes` | The maximum number of nodes a _Solvitaire_ instance may use.|
+|`initial vote count`| | The number of voters `centre` usually uses.|
+|`agree ratio` | | The percentage of votes that must agree for the move to be made.|
+|`vote increase step` | | The number of voters to add in the case of a split vote.|
+|`max vote count` | | The maximum number of voters `centre` will use.|